Meet Our Team

Kevin (From Heaven)

"Understanding how to help your body help itself will ensure lasting results we can accomplish through a team effort!"

Kevin is the owner, and founder of Xpert Kneads Massage & Wellness Studio. He is a renowned therapist who works with the intention of helping create balance. His healing career begins with education and training from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2004.

With diligent practice and continuing education, Kevin offers a significant contribution to the health and wellbeing of those who include his treatment in their self-care. Kevin integrates a variety of techniques assisting with a person’s holistic need for postural correction, relaxation, and increase in circulation and awareness.




“I work holistically in the moment and in unison with the body to meet its current needs. My intension is to help your body remember its natural order. I work in layers encouraging the body to unwind and release old trauma and stress patterns, as well as emotional guarding. This will give your body the opportunity to reorganize and heal more effectively!”

Sunaura is a master of her craft. Her journey as a healer begins with education and training at Boulder College of Massage Therapy in January of 2005. She is knowledgeable in several modalities, including Zen Shiatsu, Swedish, Normalization of Soft Tissue (NST), Integrative, and animal massage.

In her fifteen plus years as a practitioner, Sunaura's continuing education includes specializing in Faschial Integration (structural correction), and deep tissue treatment for whiplash and repetitive motion injuries. Sunaura’s has a reputation for quality, and  is well known from different wellness locations, including massage centers and chiropractic offices.

We welcome, and are happy to have Sunaura as a part of this exciting journey at Xpert Kneads Massage & Wellness Studio!




“My bodywork techniques will work in sync with your nervous system, instead of fighting against it. My sensitive intuition guides my approach to the body enabling me to apply the appropriate techniques that match your needs. My ultimate goal is to honor your body’s holistic need, while providing a safe space for everyone.”

Ana, a Boulder native, is trained and educated in the healing arts of massage therapy at Healing Spirits Massage in 2020. Ana is a level two Reiki practitioner. Her areas of expertise in massage modalities include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Strain Counter Strain, Active/Passive Release Therapy, and Cupping.

Ana’s passion for the healing arts is amplified by her enthusiasm for anatomy, and learning how the body operates. Her past experience as a weight lifter, and as a teacher assistant (TA) of anatomy with the Boulder Massage Therapy Institute, combines with the support from family and friends as a driving force in her continual education, and understanding of how to effectively assist the body in her work.

We welcome, and are happy to have Ana as a part of this exciting journey at Xpert Kneads Massage & Wellness Studio!